4th Annual MAQC Society Meeting April 8-10, 2020

Executive Briefing Center, SAS Institute, Cary, NC USA 


Abstract submission process:   Submissions are for podium or poster presentations.  Abstracts must have a title and a lead author.  Apart from the title,  author, and institution, abstracts should be 300 words or less. 

Please minimize the use of abbreviations and do not cite references in the abstract.  The abstract must include the following separate sections:

Background:  the context and purpose of the study

Results:  the main findings

Conclusions:  a summary and potential impications

Authors must accept sole responsibility for the statements and accuracy in the abstract.


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Other Information

Step 0:  Registering with Easy Chair

To submit an abstract, you must have an EasyChair account.  If you do not have an EasyChair account, clink this link to first register with EasyChair. 

Submitting an Abstract to MAQC 2020

If you have an EasyChair account, then select the link to the right which will take you to the MAQC 2020 abstract submission.  At this link, you will see the following pages.  Follow the 3 steps below. 

Easy Chair Selection

Step 1 After you select the "Submit MAQC 2020 Abstract" button, you will need to log in to Easy Chair if you have not done so already.  After login, you will be taken to this page.  At this page, select the "enter as author" option.

Easy Chair Selection

Step 2  Select the MAQC 2020 Track (April 8-10).

Easy Chair Selection

Step 3  Enter your MAQC 2020 Abstract.  Make sure you read the MAQC 2020 submission instructions.