4th Annual MAQC Society Meetings April 28-30, 2021

Executive Briefing Center,
SAS Institute, Cary, NC USA

Registration for MAQC 2021 includes access to all presentations and programs including the joint Posters and Workshop session on Wednesday, April 28.  It also covers lunch and the reception the evening of April 28th as well as lunch in the world-class SAS Institute cafeteria on-site on both April 29 and 30. 

Instructions for  Registration


Sponsors Include

  • Select the Registration for MAQC 2020 button above.  It should open a new window showing the information on the right.  Note: Chinese attendees need to use a different method for registration. 

  • The next window will indicate the costs of the meeting relative to the professional status of the attendee and whether you attend the MAQC Society meeting only or the joint meeting with MCBIOS.

  • The next dialogue is important as you will select registering for either the MAQC Society meeting alone or registering for both the MAQC Society meeting and the joint meeting with MCBIOS.

  • The next dialogues will ask you for

    • Professional or student status​

    • First and last name

    • Email address

    • Affiliation (organization or institution)

    • Title

    • Whether you intend to submit or have previously submitted an abstract

    • Whether you have applied for need-based travel support

    • Affiliation address (organization or institution)

    • A registration code (if applicable)

  • The next window will indicate the cost of registration, based on the information provided.  It will start the billing process.  You then will be asked for credit card or PayPal information and you will need to provide the billing address if a credit card is used to complete the transaction. 

  • Congratulations, you are registered for MAQC 2020!